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Thirty-Third Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology

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108. Mapping the Hierarchical Dimensional Structure of Schizotypy: A Bass-Ackwards Approach

Research focusing solely on personality and schizotypy at higher-order levels has helped elucidate the relationship between the two constructs. Yet the heterogeneity of constructs “openness” and “schizotypy” can make it difficult to interpret findings and make overall conclusions. To understand how these components relate with one another, it is imperative to develop empirically-derived lower-order structures for these concepts. Using a top-down approach, we examined the factor structure of these two components using items from multiple measures to determine the facet-level structure of a broad schizotypal domain, as well as how these specific subfactors relate with one another. Results showed support for a six-factor solution with factors related to unusual beliefs/experiences, intellect, openness, oddity, social anhedonia, and conventionality.

Meredith Bucher
Purdue University

Douglas Samuel
Purdue University


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