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Thirty-Third Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology

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Pulling back the curtain on professional development in psychological science: Stuff we don’t talk about but need to know

As psychologists, we are expected to develop a variety of professional skills to support our career success – and the professional development and success of others. However, we rarely receive explicit training in these areas during graduate school or post-doctoral fellowship. Instead, we are expected to learn these skills “on the fly.” This can be easier if you have a great mentor, but really hard if you don’t. Some programs offer additional workshops in these topics, but this is not universal. This unique symposium will start with 5-minute faculty presentations on their personal experiences and “lessons learned” in six key professional development areas where training is often lacking. This will be followed by a 30-minute facilitated panel discussion to expand upon concepts presented, and a 30-minute collaborative question and answer session with the audience. Professional development topics will include: 1) dissemination of knowledge, 2) supporting diversity in science, 3) teaching others, 4) being a (good) mentor, 5) collaborating successfully, and 6) negotiating difficult conversations. While this will not be an exhaustive training, it will provide an introduction to important areas where additional learning and mentorship should be pursued.

Tara Niendam
University of California, Davis

Deanna Barch
Washington University

Khalima Bolden
University of California, Davis

Kate Harkness
Queen's University

William Hetrick
Indiana University

Laura Tully
University of California, Davis


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