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Thirty-Third Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology

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36. The influence of adverse childhood experiences and schizotypy on lifestyle behaviors

High rates of physical illness and chronic health conditions are found in those with schizophrenia spectrum diagnoses. These negative health outcomes are associated with poor lifestyle behaviors such as poor nutrition and low physical activity. However, there are lingering questions surrounding how and why these problematic health issues emerge. One possible contributor may be related to adverse childhood experiences (ACE) which have also been linked to poor health outcomes. However, there is no current research examining the combined effect of ACE and schizotypy on lifestyle and health behaviors. Research in this area may contribute to our understanding of how symptomatology and early experiences contribute to patterns of behaviors linked with chronic health issues. The current study examined data from 332 undergraduate participants. We anticipated that increased ACE and levels of schizotypy would be related to less engagement in exercise, poorer nutrition, increased substance use, and poorer psychological functioning. Further, we anticipated specific symptom domains (negative & disorganized) and experiences (emotional abuse) would predict greater lifestyle dysfunction. Hierarchical linear regression models were created and provided mixed evidence in support of our specific predictions. Implications and future directions will be discussed.

Erin Ryan
Rowan University

Thomas Dinzeo
Rowan University


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