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Thirty-Third Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology

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2. Error-Related Negativity in Current and Remitted Marijuana Users with Substance Use Disorder

Deficits in cognitive control is a key feature of cannabis use disorders (CUD). Performance monitoring is one aspect of cognitive control that reflects the ability to be receptive to and correct maladaptive behaviors and may be particularly critical to CUD as individuals with this condition may be insensitive to the consequences of their behaviors. Error-related negativity (ERN) is an event-related potential that is a physiological indicator of performance monitoring. Previous research has shown that acute marijuana use blunts the ERN and a blunted ERN characterizes those with current CUD. However, no study has focused on whether a blunted ERN continues into remission of CUD. This study will examine the ERN response to error in marijuana users with current (N=24) and remitted CUD (N=60) and test the hypothesis that the ERN will be blunted in these two groups compared to regular marijuana users with no history of symptoms of CUD (N=20) and healthy controls with no history of drug use (N=117). Additional analyses will explore whether trait impulsivity and a behavioral measure of risk-taking propensity may mediate this relationship.

Vivian L Carrillo
Northwestern University

David Klemballa

Kelly A Correa

Stewart A Shankman


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