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Thirty-Third Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology

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38. Community-level resources associate with individual variability in brain anatomy and function

The physical, social, and economic landscape of communities can influence mental health outcomes, in part through their associated impact on brain anatomy and function. To examine the manner in which community-level resources may influence brain anatomy and function, we conducted morphometric similarity network mapping to calculate anatomical similarity between 200 brain regions across cortex, leveraging information from multimodal MRI collected in 14,712 participants (ages 45-80, mean age 62.6±7.4, 53.8% female) from the UK Biobank. A multivariate data-driven approach (partial least squares) was used to identify relationships between 15 community-level resource measures and brain structure. Our analyses revealed two latent components related to air pollution and crime (R2 brain structure=7.0%, R2 community resources=28.7%) and community financial resources (R2 brain structure=5.8%, R2 community resources=22.4%) that were associated with unique whole-brain anatomical signatures in areas important for both cognitive and psychological functioning. Relationships between latent components indexing these same community resources were also related to individual differences in resting state brain function. These findings indicate that physical, social, and economic resources in an individual’s community associate with dissociable, but partially overlapping, neurobiological profiles with direct relevance for human behavior across health and disease, highlighting the need to expand the focus of psychiatric neuroscience beyond the individual to consider community-level influences on brain anatomy and function.

Meghan Collins
Yale University Department of Psychology

Kevin Anderson
Yale University Department of Psychology

Avram Holmes
Yale University Department of Psychology


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