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Thirty-Third Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology

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Broad features of brain struture and higher-order factors of psychopathology

While hierarchical dimensional models of psychopathology have been increasingly explored at the phenotypic level, only a small number of studies have formally explored the neural correlates of different levels of the hierarchy. I will describe analyses based on Wave 2 of Tennessee Twin Study (n=437, mean age 26) on structural features of the brain measured with T1-weighted MRI. Higher-order spectra demonstrated correlations with broad features of brain structure, both in relation to overall brain volume (inverse relations with externalizing), or in terms of graph theory analyses of structural network topology derived from brain morphometry (modularity and characteristic path length in relation to the general factor). The relative strength of associations at the level of the spectra vs. lower-order symptom domains and diagnoses will be discussed.

David Zald
Vanderbilt University

Kendra Hinton
Vanderbilt University

Benjamin Lahey
University of Chicago


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