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Thirty-Third Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology

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89. Evidence for Distinct Facets of the Hypomanic Personality Scale: A Multimethod Investigation

The Hypomanic Personality Scale (HPS; Eckblad & Chapman, 1986) is a 48-item self-report measure assessing a gregarious, excitable personality style conferring risk for manic symptoms. Although most researchers use HPS total scores, some work suggests that the HPS is defined by distinct sets of content (e.g., Schalet, Durbin, & Revelle, 2011), which have differential associations with bipolar disorder risk and other forms of psychopathology. To test the construct validity of the HPS subscales, we examined their associations with behavior during couple interactions, as well as self, informant, and clinician ratings of personality and psychopathology. In 58 married dyads (N = 116; Mage = 36.28, SD = 8.07; 91% White/Caucasian), we found that (a) different HPS subscales show divergent relations with symptoms and key mechanisms implicated in bipolar disorder and (b) patterns of associations differ between men and women. For example, the HPS Social Vitality subscale (e.g., “persuade and inspire others”) was correlated with wives’ dominance during dyad interactions (r = .37, p < .01) but not husbands’ (r = .03, p = ns). HPS Social Vitality and Excitement (e.g., “am a hyper person”) were associated with behavioral activation and extraversion across assessment methods. Conversely, HPS Mood Volatility (e.g., “often feel irritable”) was strongly associated with neuroticism and behavioral inhibition. Our findings highlight the multidimensional nature of the HPS and the distinct nature of traits defining mania risk, in addition to how factors such as sex may influence how these traits are displayed and perceived.

Matthew Brown
Western University

Pan Liu
Western University

Kasey Stanton
Western University

Yuliya Kotelnikova
University of Notre Dame

Elizabeth Hayden
Western University


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