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Thirty-Third Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology

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134. Advancing Understanding of Recovery After Trauma: Initial Validation of Neurocognitive Assessments from the NIMH AURORA Study

The AURORA Study is a large-scale NIMH funded initiative which aims to characterize how trauma-related disorders develop and generate tools to help clinicians identify high-risk individuals in the early aftermath of trauma. An initial sample of 1,042 individuals presenting in emergency departments (EDs) across the country are enrolled (M age = 35.32, SD = 12.94; 64% female). Neurocognitive data obtained via web-connected devices during the ED visit, at 48 hours, and in weeks 1-8 post ED are presented. Tasks include measures of processing speed, sustained attention, cognitive control, verbal reasoning, working memory, episodic memory, decision-making, social cognition, reward learning, and threat bias. Retention was good (approximately 75%), and the neurocognitive data were generally high quality, with notable exceptions. Specifically, tests of threat biases did not have sufficient reliability for continued inclusion. In the ED/48 hours, internal reliabilities ranged from .01 (Threat Dot Probe) to .98 (simple reaction time), with comparable reliabilities at subsequent time points. We compare change over time in performance across age and between sexes. We also present data on performance variability by device type (Apple, Android, laptop/desktop). Finally, we provide information on the relationship of this data to existing data collection efforts, data-sharing, and recommended future studies.

Lauren Rutter
McLean Hospital / Harvard Medical School

Eliza Passell
McLean Hospital / Harvard Medical School

Luke Scheuer
McLean Hospital / Harvard Medical School

Deanna Barch
Washington University

Jutta Joormann
Yale University

Samuel McLean
UNC Chapel Hill

Kerry Ressler
McLean Hospital / Harvard Medical School

Laura Germine
McLean Hospital / Harvard Medical School


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