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Thirty-Third Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology

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80. Anhedonia is uniquely associated with blunted reward-related neural activity during cue-evaluation

Prior functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) research indicates that anhedonia is associated with blunted reward-related neural activity during reward anticipation. However, fMRI is limited by low temporal resolution and cannot differentiate between temporally distinct stages of reward anticipation: cue-evaluation, motor-preparation, and feedback-anticipation. In contrast, event-related potential (ERP) studies are well-suited to decompose the heterogeneity of reward anticipation. Although many ERP studies have found that anhedonia is associated with blunted feedback processing, far less ERP work has explored associations within each stage of reward anticipation. To address this gap, 69 young-adults from the Chicago area completed an electrophysiological monetary incentive delay task. Participants were prescreened to capture the full spectrum of threat and reward sensitivity. Cues before each trial indicated whether money was or was not available. Consistent with prior research, the P300 after money cues was significantly more positive than no-money cues, remaining significant up to 1s. Furthermore, self-reported anhedonia was significantly associated with blunted reward-related variation in the P300 and also remained significant up to 1s. This association did not emerge for reward-related ERPs during motor-preparation or feedback-anticipation, suggesting the association between anhedonia and blunted reward-related neural activity may be specific to the cue-evaluation stage of reward anticipation.

James Glazer
Northwestern University

Nicholas Kelley
Northwestern University

Iris Ka-Yi Chat
Temple University

Katherine Young
King’s College London

Richard Zinbarg
Northwestern University

Michelle Craske

Robin Nusslock
Northwestern University


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