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Thirty-Third Annual Meeting of the Society for Research in Psychopathology

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138. Personality disorders as predictors of intimate partner violence perpetration and victimization: A meta-analytic review

Despite years of research demonstrating a relation between personality pathology and intimate partner violence (IPV), no meta-analysis has been published examining how all ten personality disorders (PDs) predict IPV perpetration or victimization, nor has any meta-analysis examined these relations across types of IPV. Therefore, the present study was undertaken to synthesize existing research on the effects of all ten PDs, as well as psychopathy and global PD symptoms, on physical, psychological, and sexual IPV perpetration and victimization. An initial search in PsycINFO and PubMed yielded 1,808 results. After duplicate and irrelevant articles were removed, 126 studies were included in the analysis, representing 144 individual samples. Analysis was conducted in R using the metafor package. Main effects analyses indicate that PDs were significantly and positively related to IPV perpetration, with the exception of histrionic PD and OCPD. Results were more mixed for IPV victimization. Antisocial and borderline PDs demonstrated the most robust effect sizes across both perpetration and victimization. Moderator analyses suggested that with few exceptions, main effects were consistent across a number of sample and study characteristics. Findings may help to inform prevention and intervention efforts in clinical settings.

Katherine Collison
Purdue University

Donald Lynam
Purdue University


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